Microbank™ 2D

Microbank™ 2D

Microbank™ – Is now available in an advanced format with 2D Datamatrix GS1 Compliant Barcodes, all routine orders received will now receive the enhanced version at no extra cost.

Microbank™, the original system for the long term storage and retrieval of bacterial and fungal cultures now enjoys over 25 Years of successful storage and referenced performance, with over 35 million vials manufactured and supplied worldwide.

In addition to its now infamous presentation, Microbank™ has been enjoying success in North America with a new 2D datamatrix GS1 compliant barcoded version. Now established for some time, we are pleased to advise the arrival of the new feature in Europe.

The concept is simple, the unique barcode is incorporated into the vial label area, leaving ample space for additional labelling, and on the storage box. To enhance your experience with the 2D barcodes, we are also pleased to offer the following: your own Penguin Barcode Reader, Data Storage Device, and a personalised Microbank™ Assets Web Database providing the full package of everything you need to get started and to ensure easy location of any stored culture with instant access to its source history. There is also another “Mug” in the series available to all customers.

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