Coronavirus Statement – 4th May 2020

To all customers and suppliers

The SARS-Cov-2 outbreak is continuing to develop in the UK and across the world.
Pro-Lab Diagnostics would like to update all of our customers and suppliers on the steps that are being taken by the Pro-Lab Diagnostics Group of Companies to mitigate any impact on our business and customers.
At present Pro-Lab Diagnostics remain unaffected by the virus and we are currently fully operational and all deliveries and installations are taking place as usual.
A full policy statement has been issued to all staff and a full pandemic response plan implemented. We have a robust contingency plan in place, with daily review meetings to ensure that we can keep our business up to date and prepared at all times as this rapidly changing situation unfolds.
As a manufacturer and supplier of In Vitro Diagnostics kits and reagents we recognise the restrictions that are in place for our technical and sales team to visit customer sites and we remain on-line with email, remote access and mobile communications when required. Essential visits can be made as authorised for technical support.

Key Steps Taken

  1. Internal Coronavirus Prevention and Control Policies are in place and committed to by all employees.
  2. A response committee has been formed.
  3. All supply chain logistics have been checked and remain in place for our suppliers and customers.
  4. We are prepared with adequate stocks of finished products, raw materials and packaging products and do not expect any interruption to supply to customers.
  5. We can confirm that Pro-Lab Diagnostics is not reliant on any products, raw materials or packaging materials sourced in China.
  6. All international travel for employees of Pro-Lab Diagnostics is suspended.
  7. Travel checks have been completed on all employees to ensure that no travel has occurred to or from the all notified high risk areas. In cases where employees have become exposed to any risk, the appropriate action is being taken in accordance with guidelines and requirements in place at the time.
  8. As an advanced IVD medical device company with the required IT and communications systems in place, all teams are able to work remotely from home should that be necessary.
  9. Appropriate hand sanitisers, tissues, alcohol washes are available to all staff and all visitors at all times.
  10. Required advisory signage is in place for all employees.
  11. Visits to our UK site are suspended, apart from essential service providers.
  12. All employees who do visit customer or supplier sites will carry alcohol wipes and gel.

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