Covid Blood Sample

Are you prepared for COVID-19 Serology Samples?

As the SARS-CoV-2 testing shifts from a focus on identification of cases, to epidemiological and serological studies.  These studies will be looking at serological samples to determine prevalence and immunity and will be vital for the development of drugs and vaccines.

The NEO® Sample Management System is ideally suited to this owing to the following features:

  • Complete security and full traceability
  • The refrigerator or freezer storage phase is fully monitored
  • Guaranteed sample integrity
  • Ability to share and centralise data
  • Minimises staff exposure to blood samples
  • Efficient storage volumes (microplates reduce space required by 4 to 6 fold)

Standardise and trace your aliquoting and storage process…eliminate the uncertainty.

  • NEO® is an intelligent sample management system designed for full traceability of sample aliquoting and storage from start to finish.
  • The NEO® can be used for all blood tubes types.
  • Simply place the samples onto the NEO® and the fully automated liquid handling robot will transfer your samples from the primary tubes to secondary tubes and/or plates.
  • The NEO®intelligent liquid handling feature determines available sample volume.
  • Innovative NEO®monoblockplates available in 4 different formats to best suit your laboratories needs.
  • The NEO®plate with its integrated 2D barcode, together with the NEO®manager software guarantees full traceability and efficient retrieval from the freezer.
  • Able to process 180 samples per hour.

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