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Pro-Lab Diagnostics Biobanking Webinar

Did you see our inaugural biobanking webinar back in April? We brought together a selection of guests for a varied and interesting look at the world of biobanking, including an update on the new ISO 20387 programme from UKAS.

Don’t worry if you missed out as we recorded the webinar and have made it freely available via YouTube.

Read on for a brief run-down on the webinar and our guests.

Biobanking Webinar – Pro-Lab Diagnostics

Our very first biobanking webinar brought together a selection of guests associated with or working directly in biobanking. From sample management through to accreditation. Viewers included guests and associates from around the globe, including some of the team from iLsa Diagnostics in France.

Pro-Lab General Manager, Mark Reed hosted the webinar, giving a brief introduction before inviting our speakers to introduce themselves. Make sure you watch until the end when Pro Lab Technical Manager Charlotte Duncan asks our guests some interesting questions.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our guest speakers again, everyone who watched the webinar live, and our own team members who participated or helped us get everything set up.


Webinar Guests & Presentations

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)

Guests: Louise Sander, Development Project Manager and Rachel Boyer-Blanchard, Assessment Manager at UKAS

Louise and Rachel gave an insightful look at the development of the new accreditation programme for ISO 20387 which they have worked on for the past two years, including a bit of background on the new accreditation and the emphasis the new standard will place on issues such as robust traceability of samples.

MRC – the University Of Glasgow Centre For Virus Research

Guest: Sarah McDonald, Biobank Manager at the CRV

An interesting look at how biobanks are utilised in healthcare research and development from Sarah, Biobank Manager at the CRV. Sarah demonstrated the different areas HCV Research UK, which she established the biobank for, has had an impact – the most significant of which was the research that led to the introduction of new direct-acting antiviral treatments for the treatment of Hepatitis C. Sarah then explained to viewers the role biobanking has played within the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pro-Lab Diagnostics

Guest: Anne Grayson, Field Application Specialist here at Pro-Lab Diagnostics

Anne establishes the link between accreditations and the importance of traceability. The perfect time to introduce guests to NEO Sample Management from iLsa Diagnostics, a reliable piece of kit used for the liquid storage management of biological samples.

NEO Sample Management

Pro-Lab Diagnostics are the exclusive distributors for the NEO sample management system in the UK and Canada.

As mentioned in the webinar, we now have 11 sites across the UK set up with NEO who are more than happy to receive visitors and demonstrate the system. We also have two operational systems set up ourselves which you can come and view yourself (pandemic restrictions allowing) or we can arrange a demonstration via video link.

Please get in touch for more information.

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