Microbank™ 2D vials

About Microbank™ 2D

For over 25 years now Microbank™ has been the best system for long term storage and retrieval of bacterial and fungal cultures, with over 35 million vials sold and used worldwide.

Microbank™ is manufactured exclusively by Pro-Lab Diagnostics and is the only system that guarantees 25 years of successful storage.

What is Microbank™ 2D?

Microbank™ is a system designed to make the storage and retrieval of bacteria simpler and more efficient. It uses an innovative and uniquely designed cryovial system incorporating treated beads and a special cryopreservative solution. 

Microbank™ uses specially formulated preservatives to ensure the sample survives for as long as possible and this makes it easier to retrieve more data on them.

Microbank™ is a more reliable way of storing and tracking bacteria and fungus and is incredibly effective at reducing the number of contaminated cultures, lost organisms or changed characteristics you might normally have.

How Does A Microbank™ 2D System Work?

 Microbank™ 2D is the 2D DataMatrix GS1 compliant barcoded version. The unique barcode is incorporated into the vial label area, leaving ample space for additional labelling, and on the storage box. A unique 2D barcode on each vial makes it easier to document the content of the vial. This in turn makes it easier to log, locate and retrieve the information you need.  

Microbank™ 2D uses specially designed porous glass beads and a specially formulated cryopreservative that is perfect for storage at a low temperature. This format coupled with the Microbank™ Cryoblock offers the least possibility of disturbance to your organism, yet permits ready and rapid access.

Where Can I Get Microbank™ 2D?

Microbank™ 2D is sold as sets of vials. Each vial contains approximately 25 beads, providing repeated cultures of the original organism using a simple procedure.

Microbank™ 2D comes in a range of colours to make organising and keeping track of your samples easier than ever.

Microbank™ 2D is sold by Prolab. Prolab has a range of is Microbank™ 2D products and accessories, including:

Microbank™ 2D

Microbank™ 2D is sold in sets of 80 vials. Each vial is made from strong durable freezer-proof plastic. They have number locator printed screens, and a tube collection device.

Microbank™ 2D Singles

If you have a very particular amount of vials you need you can purchase them as singles.

Microbank™ 2D Special Preservation only

Supplied in the same format as traditional Microbank™ with specially formulated broth only.

Microbank™ 2D Dry

Supplied in the same format as traditional Microbank™ without the specially formulated cryopreservation solution.

Microbank™ 2D Accsesries.

Prolab also sells a variety of Microbank™ accessories such as Aluminium cryocanes, cryoblock insulated aluminium block, insulated base and lid, laminated logbook and a range of freezer storage boxes.

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