1ul Calibrated Wire Loops (5)

5 Microbiology Lab Essentials From Pro Lab

Here at ProLab we are all about finding the solutions to your problems. If you run a microbiology lab then you know the importance of always having a well-stocked storeroom full of everything you could ever need.

That said sometimes the little things like microbiology lab essentials can get forgotten about until you need them and discover you don’t have any. So here are our 5 microbiology lab essentials from Prolab.

1. Plastic Disposable Inoculating Needles

Plastic disposable needles are a must-have in any microbiology lab. We sell packs of inoculation tools including traditional calibrated nichrome wire loops with a selection of insulated handles, sterile disposable plastic loops and spreaders and you get 50 per sleeve.

2. EnviroBeads™ Autoclave Deodorant

Another absolute essential for any lab is autoclave deodorant.

EnviroBead™ offers a convenient, easy-to-use, and economical method of neutralising odours associated with the routine autoclaving of laboratory waste. A single capsule is sufficient to neutralize the odour associated with 10 cubic feet of waste, by placing it directly in the autoclave.

It’s important to neutralize the smell and not just mask it. With EnviroBeads™ Autoclave Deodorant the soft gelatine capsule melts and releases one of three pleasant fragrances, apple, lemon or peach.

3. Pro-Loops™ Calibrated Innoculation Loops

For use when strict calibration is required, certified/calibrated loops from Pro-Lab Diagnostics are manufactured from the highest quality 80/20 nickel chromium wire and calibrated using the Evans Blue Dye Method (Cumitech 2A). Each pack of 5 loops is presented in a protective case and accompanied by the appropriate certificate of calibration.

Our Pro-Loops ™ Calibrated Innoculation Loops come in 1ul and 10ul packs of 5 and are a must-have for any microbiology lab who pride themselves on their accurate calibration.

4. Indole Testing

Pro-Lab’s Spot Indole Reagent is to be used in the qualitative method to determine the ability of an organism to split indole from the tryptophan molecule. We have Indole Reagent for Kovacs and Spot Indole Reagent and come in vials of 10.0ml.

Pro-Lab’s Spot Indole Reagent is to be used in the qualitative method to determine the ability of an organism to split indole from the tryptophan molecule.


5. Mucolyse™ Sputum Digestant

Mucolyse is a sputum liquefying agent used to digest and thin out the sputum, thus enhancing the isolation of organisms responsible for chronic lung disease.

Our Mucolyse Sputum Digestant packs include 10 vials of the sputum liquefying agent.

Why Choose Pro-Lab For Your Microbiology Lab Essentials?

Our team at Pro-Lab know microbiology. Everyone in our team comes from a microbiology background and have years of qualitive hands on experience of working in microbiology labs.

It’s because of this experience we are confident that we have everything you need and we know what essentials every microbiology lab need to keep running like a smith well oiled machine.

Here at ProLab we are not trying to sell just anything to you. we want to make sure you have exactly what you need, and we are dedicated to finding any the solutions to any problem you might have.

 We are privately owned company, and this allows us to be all about the customer and customer satisfaction, and we do not have to worry about pleasing a manufacturer or suppliers. Any product we endorse, we endorse because we really care about and believe in it.

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