Celebrating Microbiologists

Celebrating Microbiologists

This past year and a half has been a global effort. Since the discovery of Covid-19, the subsequent pandemic, vital virus research and nationwide vaccine rollouts, everyone has had to do their bit to help us through these unprecedented circumstances.

Microbiologists have played a huge role in the fight against Covid-19 thanks to all the tireless work they have done to help further the research we need to tackle the virus and develop the vaccine that will save so many lives.

What Do Microbiologists do and How Are they Saving People In The Pandemic?

Microbiologists are the driving force behind the Covid-19 research and the vaccines that are helping save the lives of hundreds and thousands of people every day.

It’s the tireless research and constant development of new vaccines and testing techniques that microbiologists do that has been vital to our progression through the Covid-19 pandemic.

How Are Vaccines Made?

Vaccinations are vital to stopping pandemics, like the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as helping to prevent other viruses and diseases from spreading in such a way in the future.  

Different vaccines are made in different ways. With the vaccine to fight Covid-19, it is important that we are able to fight it and that our bodies are prepared if we ever do get infected. To do this, we need to produce a small, non-harmful sample of the virus and introduce it to our bodies.

To make a vaccine we take a sample of a virus, like the common cold, and alter it so that it can only affect one cell and not reproduce and affect others. This stops the virus from progressing and ensures that the vaccine will not cause any harm to our systems.

Once the virus has been altered you can get that virus to carry the gene for a protein of interest, such as the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, with the DNA sequence for the spike protein combined into the virus’s DNA. The virus is thus a vehicle for bringing the genetic instructions on how to make the spike protein into the body.

How Has ProLab Helped People In The Pandemic?

Over the pandemic, we here at Prolab having been working hard to get you the best, most efficient, most accurate testing kits. Getting kits that can correctly and quickly detect coronavirus has been extremely important during this pandemic.

Our current detection kit is designed to detect traces of coronavirus as soon as possible to help stop the spread. We have also worked tirelessly to make sure that our kits not only detect Covid-19 but its other, more dangerous variants.  You can hear more about how we detect the variants in our SARS CoV 2 Testing & Research Webinar from 31.03.2021.

Here at ProLab we have been providing microbiology labs all over the country with the top quality laboratory equipment they need to keep up the amazing work they have been doing. It’s these Laboratories and microbiologists that have been instrumental to how we tackle and progress through not only the Covid-19 pandemic but countless pandemics, epidemics,  mass infections and outbreaks throughout time.

Here at Prolab we are dedicated to making sure you have the right equipment for whatever it is that you need. We don’t want to just sell you something for the sake of it. Instead, we work with you to help you find the right solution to your problems.

Our amazing team here at ProLab has over 25 years in the industry and after all that time, we know what you need from your lab equipment. Our team is made up of professional, efficient and effective workers and everyone comes from a scientific background.

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