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What Is Total Laboratory Automation?

Total laboratory automation is a technological breakthrough that is changing the way laboratories work. With laboratory automation, we have the ability to streamline our laboratory work and improve on our efficiency, organization, standardization, quality and safety of laboratory testing.

However, it removes the human element and will lead to job lossess and the need for scientists and technicians to retrain.

Whilst total laboratory automation comes with many benefits that can help us improve how we conduct our work in our laboratories, it can also come with some problems and drawbacks.

Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of total laboratory automation.

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The Benefits Of Total laboratory Automation

Total laboratory automation is designed to help laboratories and make your work run smoother, quicker and more efficient. Some of the benefits include:

Lower costs on the long term

The more efficient the model, the lower the costs. With total laboratory automation, you can reduce the number of people needed in the laboratory and because of this you might not need to employ as many people to work in your laboratory and you can save money on wages in the long run.

Faster Processes and Less Error

Being able to automatically process, store, and retrieve samples with a simple barcode makes you rlab much more efficient and less prone to error. Your technicians will quickly be able to identify the length of time a sample has been stored for, where it originated from, and when it can be desposed of. All with a simple scan of a barcode.

Machines like the Neo Complete are the leading technology in this.

Improved quality of testing

Total lab automation allows for more efficient and accurate results. Standardization and harmonization are two crucial issues in laboratory diagnostics. Human error can lead to inconsistencies and questionable results. With fewer people in the laboratory, there is less room for these errors.

Studies have shown that the implementation of a major automation system in a medical laboratory was effective in decreasing the number of lost specimens by over 50%.

The Drawbacks Of Total laboratory Automation

As with every method and technique, total laboratory automation comes with some issues and drawbacks that you might want to consider before investing in these changes. Some of these drawbacks include:

Higher costs on the short term

Total laboratory automation can be an expensive project and sometimes there are additional costs, which can include environmental modifications, powerful air conditioners, soundproofing and of course the system installation and the new hardware. Not to mentiontrainign the staff in how to use the equipment!

Also, the larger the system you have, the more upkeep can cost and you might end up spending more on things like maintenance, energy and supplies. because of this, total laboratory automation can take a while can before you start to see any savings. 

Space requirement and infrastructure constraints

Space requirements and infrastructure constraints are major issues for implementing total laboratory automation. It can require you to completely rethink the entire layout of your laboratory and in some cases, you might have to make some serious modifications to be able to facilitate it.  

Disruption of staff trained in specific technologies

One of lab automation’s strengths can also be one of its biggest drawbacks. Laboratory automation can lead to a more streamlined, and as a result, smaller team working in your laboratory. Although this can be great for saving money in the long run, it can lead to the disruption of staff and people who work for you and are trained to use specialised equipment and tech.

Total laboratory automation might lead to lower-wage costs and a smaller workforce, but we understand it can be hard to have to reduce your workforce and lose vital workers that are part of your team.

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