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Welcome to Pro Lab Diagnostics.

We are one of the leading suppliers of microbiology products including diagnostic kits, reagents and equipment across the globe.

Our ground-breaking service, innovation, and solutions have won and kept customers the world over and will soon be celebrating our 50th anniversary!

We don’t sell. We help you find solutions.

Why Get Microbiology Products From Us?

When you buy a microbiology product from us, you not only get access to the best solutions, benchtop equipment, lab essentials and microbiology support the market has to offer, but you also get a wrap-around service that makes your life easy.

Our client’s accounts are managed daily. We understand that your business, your colleagues and your patient’s health, demand your lab be fully stocked when you need it.

That is why we go to great lengths to ensure we keep our stock levels high; so we can pre-empt your needs.

Our account managers are from a microbiology scientific background. This allows us to suggest solutions and products that make your diagnostic and discovery processes accurate, safe, and speedy.

You have one named person to go to for answers, orders, and advice.

Pulling Out All The Stops

Like our staff, our clients have been with us for a long time.

And the reason? We stop at nothing to keep their business and lab running smoothly.

We have agility and dynamism that most of our competitors don’t. Being small and privately owned means we can quickly adapt to changing markets, legislation, and scientific discoveries.

When the Covid 19 pandemic caused widespread disruption to haulage in the UK, we put on our own delivery fleet to ensure our customers would not have to wait for their microbiology lab apparatus.

We partner with you to provide a service that makes your life easy and your work successful.

Who We Serve

We sell our microbiology products into clinical microbiology, biology, mycology and bacteriology laboratories across the world.

Through this, we service various sectors:

  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Private Labs
  • Vet Labs
  • Food Labs

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