4th Annual Infectious Disease and Molecular Diagnostics Conference

Thursday 23rd March 2023

Introducing the 4th Annual Infectious Disease and Molecular Diagnostics Conference

Join us at the 4th Annual Infectious Disease and Molecular Diagnostics Conference.

What Is The Infectious Disease and Molecular Diagnostics Conference?

It has been evident that for the past few decades, there have been advances in Diagnostic technologies which have opened doors for early diagnosis & prevention. MarketsandMarakets is proud to present the 4th Annual MarketsandMarkets Infectious Diseases and Molecular Diagnostics, scheduled for 23rd – 24th March 2023, in London. The event is created and shaped with presentations on the topics like Future Molecular Diagnostics and New Diagnostic Technologies, how the timely recognition of various viral diseases would prevent the spread to a great extent by use of Advanced Diagnostic Technologies, advances in lab-on-a-chip technologies, and many more.

Key Highlights:

• Molecular Diagnostics in Oncology Challenges/Opportunities in Clinical Virology: Will Molecular Diagnostics Make Viral Diagnosis Better?
• COVID from different perspectives
• A systematic approach to novel virus through infectious disease diagnostics
• Molecular Diagnostics in Infectious Diseases
• Future Molecular Diagnostics and New Diagnostic Technologies
• Recent advances in lab-on-a-chip technologies for viral diagnosis
• Advances in testing and multiplexing
• Point of Care Testing and Recommendations for Future Emerging Outbreaks: Advocacy, Education and Clinical Practice
• Disease wise Diagnostics – Different types of samples with different methods for diagnostics
• CRISPR/Cas Gene Editing as a Strategy for Antiviral Therapy: A Potential Cure for HIV-1

Why Attend?

• Learn about innovative devices and procedures for effective diagnostics
• Meet global heads of infectious disease and molecular diagnostics from the industry and Academics
• Participate in discussions with experts on how technology implementation can be improved
• Attracting and retaining world-class talent
• Resolve common R&D challenges
• Discover the latest technology implementations in the industry
• Discover best-in-class solutions during the workshop sessions
• Interactive panel discussions
• 120+ Professionals Attending
• Case studies presented from leading technology collaborations

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