Prolex™ Latex Agglutination Kits

The range of Prolex™ Latex Agglutination Kits manufactured by Pro-Lab Diagnostics currently presents a range of rapid latex agglutination systems for Streptococci, Staphlylococci (including MRSA), E. coli and Legionella. All kits are presented in our user and environment friendly modular packaging system with recyclable cardboard.

The manufacturing of Prolex™ Latex Agglutination kits employs a redesigned process to enhance performance, clarity of results, and speed or reaction offering advantages over traditional latex reactions.

Latex agglutination reagents used for detection of antigens or antibody have traditionally been prepared by physical adsorption of biological molecules to the surface of plain polystyrene (PS) microparticles [1].

Prolex™ Latex Agglutination Kits-Enhanced Reagent Stability

Although perfectly acceptable latex reagents are created with this methodology, reagent stability and reactivity may be enhanced by covalent attachment of antigens and antibody to functionalized microparticles.

For example, Ortega-Vinuesa et al [2] observed that covalent attachment of IgG resulted in improved immunodetection of C-reactive protein and storage characteristics relative to passive adsorption. The authors speculated this may have been due to more favourable orientation of the IgG on the surface of sensitized microparticles.

Numerous approaches have been developed for covalent attachment of biological molecules to microparticles [1]; however, the most common employs carboxylate-modified microparticles (CM-MP) and chemical cross-linking agents. Prolex™ Latex Agglutination Systems are based on CM-MP and this represents a significant improvement over the traditional latex kits in terms of product performance characteristics, giving faster, clearer and more specific reactions.