VIASURE® Real Time PCR Detection Kits

Established in 2002 in Zaragoza, CerTest Biotech is dedicated to the development and manufacture of IVD diagnostic products in the human clinical field.
In 2016 the company invested 5 million euros in a new facility, with a surface area of 4,500 m2, comprising state-of-the-art laboratories, offices, warehouse and production and quality control areas. This new facility was commissioned in order to support growth in molecular biology, and will give the company a total floor space of 7,000 m2.
Pro-Lab Diagnostics are proud to have been working in partnership with CerTest Biotech for over 6 years to bring the full range of high quality products to the UK market, operating as part of an extensive network of distributors in more than 120 countries across 5 continents

VIASURE® Real Time PCR Detection kits are designed for the diagnosis of infectious diseases caused by different pathogens in human samples.
Please find below key information about the Viasure kits:
Room temperature storage and no cold chain is required.
2 year shelf life from date of manufacture.
All assay reagents lyophilised into 8-well strips or 24 test bulk tubes.
Very simple assay set up; just rehydrate the mastermix with provided rehydration buffer, and add 5ul of extracted sample.
Once the mastermix is rehydrated it is stable for 4hrs, so is incredibly robust.
It is possible to run 1-96 tests at a time depending on workload and throughput.
Each test well comes with an internal assay control.
Run positive and negative controls are provided.
Most kits also available with extraction control.
All kits run on the same cycling parameters so possible to run multiple tests in a single run.