Monovalent Flagella Salmonella Antisera

A comprehensive range of Salmonella slide agglutination antisera in 3.0 ml dropper bottles with shelf lives up to five years from date of manufacture. The range includes a full panel of polyvalent somatic antisera, monovalent somatic antisera, polyvalent flagella antisera and monovalent flagella antisera for traditional slide agglutination testing.
Also available are a range of rapid Salmonella diagnostic sera (RSD) for the initial identification of primary groups of Salmonella. All antisera are presented in colour coded dropper bottles.

E Complex eh, enx, enz15 (3.0ml)-0

E Complex eh, enx, enz15 (3.0ml)

Factor 2 (3.0ml)-0

Factor 2 (3.0ml)

Factor 5 (3.0ml)-0

Factor 5 (3.0ml)

Factor 6 (3.0ml)-0

Factor 6 (3.0ml)

Factor 7 (3.0ml)-0

Factor 7 (3.0ml)

Factor a (3.0ml)-0

Factor a (3.0ml)

Factor b (3.0ml)-0

Factor b (3.0ml)

Factor c (3.0ml)-0

Factor c (3.0ml)

Factor d (3.0ml)-0

Factor d (3.0ml)

Factor eh (3.0ml)-0

Factor eh (3.0ml)

Factor enx (3.0ml)-0

Factor enx (3.0ml)

Factor enz15 (3.0ml)-0

Factor enz15 (3.0ml)

Factor f (3.0ml)-0

Factor f (3.0ml)

Factor gm (3.0ml)-0

Factor gm (3.0ml)

Factor gp (3.0ml)-0

Factor gp (3.0ml)

Factor h (3.0ml)-0

Factor h (3.0ml)