Microbank™ 2D – Mixed (80 vials) (16 vials each colour)

Microbank™ 2D – Mixed (80 vials) (16 vials each colour)


Advanced presentation of 80 Microbank™  2D mixed vials supplied in a plastic freezer box manufactured from durable plastic with “see through” lids, number locator printed screens, and tube collection device. Originally designed by Pro Lab Diagnostics ourselves!

Microbank™ 2D Mixed Vials

Microbank™ with unique 2D barcodes offers a platform that utilizes porous glass beads and a specially formulated cryopreservative for storage at low temperatures. The additional feature of a unique 2D barcode on each box and each vial facilitates easier documentation and retrieval of your isolates. This format coupled with the Microbank™ Cryoblock offers the least possibility of disturbance to your organism, yet, permits ready and rapid access.

Each Microbank™ 2D vial contains approximately 25 sterile coloured beads (single colour) and the specially formulated cryopreservative. The specially treated beads are of a porous nature allowing microorganisms to readily adhere on to the bead surface. After inoculation, the Microbank™ 2D vials are kept at -70°C for extended storage.

When a fresh culture is required, a single bead is easily removed from the Microbank™ 2D vial and used to directly inoculate a suitable culture medium. The unique 2D barcodes on the box and vials provide you with a freezer safe, non-erasable label that can be scanned into your Laboratory Information System with ease. This feature not only removes the risk of transcription errors but has the added advantage of making retrieval from the freezer a simple task.

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